3 Ball & Rope


Deluxe Floating Table

Deluxe Floating Table

The table appears to be totally normal. Looks like something you might find in the entry hall of a stately manor.Cover the table with a beautiful foulard. Then, together with a spectator or by yourself you can make this table float. It looks wonderful.You can do it totally surrounded!The special gimmick makes it easy to do. It looks like the table is really floating!The table is perfectly balanced and is a dream to use.NandiMagic.com

Zig Zag Cock Bottle

Zig Zag Cock Bottle

magician shows a full bottle of Coke and places it inside a plastic container that has the front and back removed so the audience can see right through it. The magician takes a plastic plate and seemingly dissects the bottle right in half with the liquid still inside!!!

If that wasn’t enough, the top of the bottle is able to be slid to the side in a Zig Zag pattern so it is clearly separated from the bottom. The magician then slides the bottle together and removes the whole bottle.

As a final convince, the magician can pour Coke from the bottle into a glass and drink it!.


Mirror Box (Production box)


Mirror Box (Production box)

A very useful effect for use in many stage or parlor routines.The mirror box is one of the favorite production props because of its ease of use and the very large load capacity. You can even produce small livestock from this. There are two doors to the box, one to the top, and one in front. Both are opened to show the box completely empty. You then produce a large variety of goods – apparently far more than the box could hold. NandiMagic.com

Zig Zag Card Frame


Zig Zag Card

Visually stunning magic.

A card is inserted into a plain frame. The magician then, by magic, removes the center section of the card! This looks stunning! The trick looks just like the picture above.

It all happens under the watchful eyes of the spectators. No cover is used to perform the trick.

The card is put back together inside the frame, and removed. It is shown around and examined by spectators. There’s nothing to find.

The frame does all the sneaky stuff for you. No sleight of hand involved.(nandimagic.com)