Zig Zag Card Frame


Zig Zag Card

Visually stunning magic.

A card is inserted into a plain frame. The magician then, by magic, removes the center section of the card! This looks stunning! The trick looks just like the picture above.

It all happens under the watchful eyes of the spectators. No cover is used to perform the trick.

The card is put back together inside the frame, and removed. It is shown around and examined by spectators. There’s nothing to find.

The frame does all the sneaky stuff for you. No sleight of hand involved.(nandimagic.com)



Watch Box Wooden

Watch Box magic trick

The magician borrows a wrist watch from a willing spectator and makes it disappear in a mysterious way. He then takes out a polished wooden box from his attache case and hands it over to the spectator. The spectator examines it and confirms that it is locked genuinely with a padlock and that there is no other secret way to reach inside the box. The performer then draws attention to a pair of keys hanging from a ribbon from the beginning of the show. The spectator opens the box with the key and finds the vanished watch!(nandimagic.com)

Disecto Arm Chopper

Slice and Dice with DISECTO – A VISIBLE Wrist CUTTER!

Demonstrate by cutting a carrot in the top hole and the wrist hole of Disecto. Your victim now puts their hand through the wrist hole, and they are secured in. Put a carrot in the top hole and through the bottom hole, making the them very nervous! Now, push Disecto’s steel blade through the carrot in the top hole, slicing it in half! Continue pushing the blade through their wrist! They remove their wrist, and is still attached to their arm! And the blade cut the bottom carrot in two pieces! ….(nandimagic.com)

Dice Atomizer

Dice Atomizer

A clear capped capsule with a black die inside is given a shake. The die disintegrates into several tiny colored dice. Alternatively, the die can be changed from black to white. A quick, visual effect. Complete with all the necessary dice, capsule and instructions. Two Tricks in one! You can change a Black Dice into a White Dice AND You can change a Black Dice into a 8 multi-colored dice. (NandiMagic.com)

Clock Manipulation

Time Clock Manipulation

Suddenly the performer catches a small Clock (the size is slightly bigger than a Pocket watch) from thin air. He then splits it into two and hands over one to the Assistant who in turn hangs the clock on the hook of a stand. Performer again splits the Clock in his hand into two and hands over one to the Assistant. Thus the performer produces six Clocks splitting one after another.NandiMagic.com

Comedy Light Bulb

Comedy Light Bulb

Comedy bulb is an item which can be perform at any where at any condition. Magician displays a bulb which is made of plastic. Now he claims that he can light it up without using any electrical instruments. He gave it to the audience for examination. No one believe after examining the bulb. Magician takes that back & gently uses magic pass & the bulb lighted up.(NandiMagic.com)

Magic Hatchery

Magic Hatchery

This is a funny item for children’s. It is much popular in children’s. In this magic magician shows a empty tray to the people. Now he covers the tray & uses his magical power. When he opens the tray a chicken showed up in it. Now he decides to turn the chicken in a egg. As he wishes he covers the tray & uses his magical power & opens the tray & its amazing. The chicken is gone & the egg appeared in the tray. The magic is in the tray. Wanna find it just buy it.(NandiMagic.com)