Disecto Arm Chopper

Slice and Dice with DISECTO – A VISIBLE Wrist CUTTER!

Demonstrate by cutting a carrot in the top hole and the wrist hole of Disecto. Your victim now puts their hand through the wrist hole, and they are secured in. Put a carrot in the top hole and through the bottom hole, making the them very nervous! Now, push Disecto’s steel blade through the carrot in the top hole, slicing it in half! Continue pushing the blade through their wrist! They remove their wrist, and is still attached to their arm! And the blade cut the bottom carrot in two pieces! ….(nandimagic.com)



Have you ever haired about a hen laid an egg which is contained with money. Never heard?!? Magician shows a net bag with five different colored plastic eggs inside it. Magician asks any spectator to come forward & try to pick up the particular one at once. He fails to do so. Now magician asks three people more to come forward & try it all together. Result is same. They all failed & found “TRY IT AGAIN” inside those eggs. But Magician picks the proper egg at once. Try it!…(NandiMagic.com)

Doll House Production


Doll House Production…

The magician shows an empty rectangular tube and then puts it on the table. After a magical gesture he lifts it, and underneath a  orange doll house appears from nowhere. again he shows rectangular tube empty.Puts on the table a  Yellow doll house appears.then he shows rectangular box empty.Puts on the table  again a blue doll house appears.(nandimagic.com)

Comedy Bottle Trick

comedy bottle trick

A spectator is called on stage to help the magician. He is given a bottle and an outer tube. The Magician has with him another bottle and outer tube. Both cover the bottles with their respective tubes. When uncovered, the bottle in the magician’s tube turns up side down and then right side up at the magician’s command, where as the spectator’s does not.

Multiplying Bottles

A bottle and a glass are displayed to the audience. Put them on the table and cover them with two empty tubes. Picking up the covers, you see that the bottle and the glass have changed places.

A terrific effect that combines several different classic magic illusions into one amazing routine!

You can perform this effect as the Passe-Passe Bottles, the Appearing and Disappearing Bottles, the Multiplying Bottles– or all of thesein one routine!

Here’s how it goes: Show a bottle and a glass to your audience. Put them on a table and cover each of them with an empty tube. Now the magic begins with the Passe-Passe (position changing) routine! Pick up the covers- the bottle and the glass have changed places! Lower the tubes, and when you raise them again, the glass and bottle have returned to their original positions! You can repeat this as many times as you’d like.

Just when the audience thinks they know what happens next, you lower the tubes, raise them- and now there are two BOTTLES instead of the bottle and the glass!

Remove one of the bottles from the tube, and place it in full view on the table. Lower the tube, lift it, and ANOTHER BOTTLE has appeared in the tube! Repeat this until you have a table full of bottles!

The whole set stores compactly for safe and easy transport. Made of lightweight material for years of trouble free use. Bright labels!

Top Hat

The Ultimate Magic Prop

Top Hat now available in various colors  .  Very elegant black fabric lined collapsible top hat folds flat in a second and springs back to normal again with just a touch!

Quality spring-work makes this a dependable and affordable choice for the discriminating magician. And the satin ribbon accents make this one look much more expensive than most hats on the market!